1-800kVA Standard or Customized / Indoor or Outdoor

Devices that convert electrical energy into another type of energy that can be used are called electronic devices. If there is serious / material damage in the event of a power failure when using some of these devices, such devices are called “critical devices“. Like a computer. The input of these critical devices is called Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Uninterruptible power supplies convert sinusoidal electrical energy (AC) from the mains to direct current electrical energy (DC). This direct current electrical energy is stored in the batteries at the same time, and again converted into sinusoidal electrical energy to feed critical devices. The part that converts the alternating energy received from the city network into the direct current is called “rectifier” (AC – DC converter) and the part that converts the direct current into the alternating current is called “inverter DC (DC – AC converter).

If there is a disturbance or interruption in the city network, the energy requirement of the inverter unit is supplied from accumulators (full of energy) instead of rectifier. Rectifier and Inverter ”units  that create the uninterruptible power suppliers occur from electronic circuits, power switching elements, fuses, transformers / shocks, cables, fasteners.  All these materials are brought together in a box made of sheet material and the device is produced. The necessary programs are loaded and settings / controls are made to make the uninterruptible power supply operational.

Uninterruptible Power Supply And Battery Cabinet

ESN Energy- Battery Cabinet
Accumulators (battery) used to store electrical energy are produced by the manufacturer’s standard 12Vdc potential energy level. However, the inverter unit inside the uninterruptible power supply needs much higher potential electrical energy to feed critical devices. For this purpose, dozens of batteries are connected in series ( by connecting anode (+) to cathode (-) ) to be used effectively.

Battery cabinets are made of sheet with suitable shelves, fuses, connection cables are used to keep these batteries ( 32 pieces, 62 pieces or sometimes 124 pieces according to needed power and back-up time) together.  

Sheet metal cabin parts produced after mechanical design are joined to each other by screw / nut connections to form the cabin. In order to make the serial connection of the batteries in the place where it will be used, the necessary cable and connection parts are placed in the cabinet and production is completed.