ESN Energy produced and made installation isolated power panels (IPS)/ Operation Theatre Panels (OTP) for the Uskudar Public Hospital. 

Project Details: 

Application: “Isolated Power Panels (IPS)/ Operation Theatre Panel (OTP) for intensive care rooms”

Customer : Uskudar Public Hospital/ Turkey

Date: May, 2015

Location: Istanbul / TURKEY

ESN Energy- Medipol Electrical Heating

Electrical heating systems were applied to the garden, ramp and lobby of Camlica Hospital of Medipol University

Project Details: 

Application: “Electrical heating for ramps, garden, lobby”

Customer : Medipol University- Camlica Hospital

Date: October, 2018

Location: Istanbul / TURKEY

ESN Energy- Electrical Roof Heating

Electric heating system installed on the roof of the social facility in Ilgaz Mountains. It was designed to prevent the formation of icicles on the roof and to keep the gutters constantly open. This application also reduces the snow load of the roof. 2580 meters heating cables are used for this project. 

Project Details: 

Application: “Electrical Heating for Roof”

Date: November, 2017

Location: Ilgaz Mountains / TURKEY

Power: 70kW

Electrical heating systems were applied to ramps of the car park entrance  to Bursa Sheraton Hotel. 

Project Details: 

Application: “Electrical heating for ramps”

Customer : Bursa Sheraton Hotel

Date: July, 2018

Location: Bursa / TURKEY

The electrical contracting of the entire area including the restaurant and cafeteria of the hotel with 60 rooms and 10 suites in Levent Campus of the Ministry of National Defense was realized. All systems, including low current, have been renewed.

Project Details: 

Application: “Electrical Contracting”

Customer : National Defense Department

Date: August, 2018

Location: Istanbul / TURKEY

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