The first factor that we pay attention to in every stage of our lives is the health status of ourselves and then our relatives. We all live to be happy, but without health, we become prisoners of unhappiness and restlessness. In order to regain our health, we find ourselves spending time in hospitals. Have you ever thought about the electrical systems of the hospitals where we entrust our lives, children and relatives?

Electrical installations of hospitals, medical centers, eye hospitals etc. medical spaces must comply with TS HD 60364-7-710 norm. With this international norm, all kinds of electrical problems that may threaten our health are controlled and secured.

We are the distributor of German brand ESA Grimme that produces remote monitoring,heat and fault control modules for IT panels/IPS. We produce our own Isolated Power Systems with the modules that we bought from Germany. We have served for the project phase and product supply  for the large hospital projects so far in Turkey and abroad.

Isolation power systems / IPS should be used in energy critical areas such as operating rooms, premature baby rooms, intensive care rooms in hospitals. 

As ESN Energy company, we supply clean and uninterrupted energy for especially energy operating rooms, intensive care rooms like the energy requirement is critical.

Together with our technical teams, after determining the rooms where the isolation power systems which will be used in hospitals, we design according to the device capacity and required details in the rooms.

The energy that we maintain over the uninterruptible power supplies and grid-generator panel and share with to the hospital service as alternative options (static transfer switch (STS) or transfer control and control relay) We are committed to the norms while doing all of this, we produce products that comply with quality standards.

According to TS HD 60364-7-710 international standard, premature baby rooms, operating theaters, intensive care rooms, all kinds of rooms where heart related processes are performed and energy interruption is critical are named as Group-2 rooms inside the hospitals. Separate electrical safety elements have been used for these rooms.

Let’s examine the equipments that are in compliance with the international standard and which should be inside the IPS/Isolated Power Panel one by one.

Isolation Transformer

  • Single-phase, output voltage is 250 V AC.
  • The rated power is not less than 0.5 kVA and not more than 10 kVA. When the rated voltage is supplied at its nominal frequency and measured at no load; leakage current of the output winding to ground or main enclosure does not exceed 0.5mA.
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with TS EN 61558-2-15 standards.
  • The short-circuit voltage uk will meet the condition <3%.
  • The unloaded current will meet the condition of Io <3%.
  • The instantaneous discharge current must be less than 8 times the rated current.
  • There is a static screen placed between the primary and secondary windings, which is connected to an insulated terminal, the fixed angles are isolated from the transformer core.
  • Transformer windings are galvanic isolated.
  • PTC thermistors are installed in each winding of the transformer for temperature monitoring.

Insulation load and temperature monitoring device

  • The Insulation Monitoring Device has an alarm value below 50 kW which is the life safety limit in hospitals as specified in TS IEC 60364-7-710 standard and the measuring range of the device is between 50 – 500 kW.
  • The insulation monitoring device is connected between the phase conductors and the ground, continuously monitoring the insulation resistance and alarming in the first phase ground fault.
  • The insulation monitoring device measures the insulation resistance level of the IT system, the current transformers connected to the device and the load current and the temperature of the isolation transformer in a single structure by means of the temperature sensor in the isolation transformer.
  • It monitors errors in components such as overcurrent and DC current with current transformers.
  • In case of overtemperature in transformer, it gives warning with temperature sensors in isolation transformer.
  • LCD display shows all information in English.

Local Fault Detection Device and Fault Evaluator

  • Complies with IEC 61557-9.
  • Isolation Fault evaluator works in combination with isolation fault tester and current transformers.
  • By connecting the current transformer as many as the number of lines to a fault detection system, the location of the insulation leaks can be detected.
  • When the device detects an insulation error, it checks all connected current transformers and if the error current exceeds the response value detected by the current transformer, it gives a warning in which line there is an error by LEDs or writing on the screen.
  • It works in combination with insulation fault evaluators and current transformers.
  • After isolation the monitoring device detects the insulation fault, the insulation fault evaluator is activated and the insulation fault tester is activated.

In-Room and Central Alarm Panel

  • Alarm display panels communicate with each other and give an audible and visual warning.
  • When the alarm indicator emits an audible and visual alarm, the audible alarm can be silenced, but the visual alarm is not cleared until the fault is cleared.
  • The information to be obtained from the isolation system in Group 2 rooms specified in TS IEC 60364-7-710 through serial communication line are as follows:
  • Insulation resistance level
  • Isolation Transformer Overload Current
  • Isolation Transformer Over Temperature
  • The alert formats to be received from the alarm instrument panel are:
  • The green signal lamp is lit to indicate normal operation.
  • There is a yellow signal lamp that illuminates when the minimum value set for the insulation resistance is reached. It is not possible to cancel or disconnect this signal lamp light.
  • When the minimum value set for the insulation resistance is reached, an audible alarm sounds and this audible alarm can be silenced manually.
  • After the fault has been cleared and return to normal operation, the yellow signal lamp turns off.
  • On the alarm dashboard, warnings are indicated by text or symbol;
  • Insulation resistance warning with “Leakage current” symbol,
  • Overcurrent warning with “Transformer and I” symbol,
  • Transformer temperature warning with “Transformer and Thermostat” symbol,
  • The turn-off signal is indicated by the symbol “Cross on the loudspeaker ”.

All devices communicate between themselves via the serial communication line. Any local error can also be reported visually and audibly on the line where the problem occurs. This allows easy access to the system, where the error is located, and quickly troubleshooting when any malfunction occurs. Isolation Monitoring System (Isolated Power Panel or IT Panel – Protection and Security Panel) and Operating Room Control Panel are devices that are produced according to international standards to protect the safety of patients and doctors, to supply long-term working periods of devices and equipment, to prevent energy interruption, when the first phase-to-earth short circuit occured. If you want a quality and long lasting system, please use ESN Energy production and consultancy.

Note: In line with the developing technology, devices may have changes in their systems. Contact your sales representative for more information.