OTP (Operation Theatre Panel)/ IPS (Insulation Power Systems)
(UPS, Voltage regulators, ınverter,sts, Rectıfıer& dc systems, FREQUENCY CONVERTER )

Who we are ?

ESN Energy is specialized in Isolated Power Panels (IPS/ IT Panels), customized cabinets, rack type cabinets for datacenters, outdoor cabinets with airconditioner, battery cabinets, battery enclosures, power electronics devices, uninterruptible power supply, voltage regulators, static transfer switch, rectifier, DC systems, battery charger, inverter and more. It tries to provide unconditional and perfect customer satisfaction by combining the field applications of the products  with the sales and production culture. It designs the most accurate and optimum cost, maximum efficient systems by sharing its field and product experience with its customers. ESN ENERGY provides reliable and high quality components with its partners, one of the leading companies in the world, produce high quality machines and systems and also provide service and maintenance services with its certified personnel. Company works on efficiency, quality and simplicity in its product range. ESN Energy gives confidence to its customers and demonstrates its difference with its innovative “Engineering” solutions in its corporate identity.

Engineering- power solutions

We are the distributor of German ESA Grimme company for the insulation, load and temperature monitoring systems and we produce isolated power systems/ IPS Panels for the hospitals where the energy is critical. Our priority is to produce reliable and high quality devices since the fields of usage of isolation power systems are directly related to human health. All our products are installed in many hospitals in Turkey and abroad has so far been used safely by hospital personnel.

As your partner we always give advice and support about Isolated Power Panels (IT Panel/ IPS), customized cabinets rack type cabinets, outdoor cabinets, battery cabinets, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), , voltage regulator, operating room control panel, DC power supply, rectifier, static transfer switch and power electronics products/services.

Our specialization

We provide services to ensure that you receive best the product and service. We Know Why We Are Preferred. We love what we do and try to add value.

Live Support

24/7 online support for any questions and questions during the project phase or after sales.

Solution Oriented

We work on your project and produce the most optimal, high quality products for your project.


Global Experience

We provide the highest quality services and products to the whole world with the experience we have gained with countless projects in Turkey.

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